Ruach Hiddush – רוּחַ חִדּוּשׁ

רבנים וחזנים למען חופש דת ושוויון

Rabbis and Cantors for Religious Freedom and Equality in Israel


Rivevot Yisrael Campaign

The coming Israeli elections, scheduled for 17 September 2019, are critical, not only to Israel’s future as a democratic and Jewish State, but also to its relationship with World Jewry. It is crucial that we, who are devoted to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, express the vision necessary to fulfill the promise of its Proclamation of Independence for religious freedom and equality for all.

Sign the “Vision Statement: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State”!

!נא לקרא ולחתום בעברית

In order to enhance the fulfillment of that promise, “A Vision Statement: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State” was authored by Rabbi Marc Angel (Orthodox American rabbi) and Rabbi Uri Regev (Israeli Reform rabbi). This Vision Statement has been signed by over 1300 Jewish leaders in North America and Israel. 

Individuals and Organizations are Invited to Sign the Vision Statement

Both individuals and organizations, clergy and lay people, may sign the Vision Statement.

To join our efforts, please add your name and/or the name of your organization, and circulate the link to the statement in Hebrew and English through your newsletter and social media.

Read and sign the Vision Statement in English.

!נא לקרא ולחתום בעברית

With every good wish and our ברכות,
Rabbi Prof. Michael Chernick (Chair), Orthodox
Rabbi Lester Bronstein, Reconstructionist
Rabbi Pamela Frydman, Conservative/Renewal
Rabbi Elliott Kleinman, Reform
Rabbi Mark H. Levin, Reform
Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Orthodox
Rabbi Gordon Tucker, Conservative
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Reconstructionist
Rabbi Uri Regev, Hiddush


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