Ruach Hiddush – רוּחַ חִדּוּשׁ

רבנים וחזנים למען חופש דת ושוויון

Rabbis and Cantors for Religious Freedom and Equality in Israel


Rivevot Yisrael Campaign

The coming Israeli elections are critical, not only to Israel’s future as a democratic and Jewish State, but also to its relationship with World Jewry. It is crucial that we, who are devoted to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, express the vision necessary to fulfill the promise of its Proclamation of Independence for religious freedom and equality for all.

Sign the “Vision Statement: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State”!

In order to enhance the fulfillment of that promise, “A Vision Statement: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State” was authored by Rabbi Marc Angel (Orthodox American rabbi) and Rabbi Uri Regev (Israeli Reform rabbi). The Vision Statement has already been signed by key leaders from across the political and religious spectrum. The thousand signatories to date include many of our members.

To be impactful, however, the Vision Statement needs at least 10 times that many signatures. To achieve this, Hiddush and Ruach Hiddush are embarking on Rivevot Yisrael Campaign to garner at least 10,000+ signatures for the Vision Statement.

Why is this important?

Our goal is to reach the 10,000+ signatures by April 9, 2019, the Israeli elections date, to accomplish the following:

  • • 10,000+ signatures will show that a huge number of Jews in Israel and across the world share the vision of Israel’s Declaration of Independence and reject threatening political and rabbinic pressures to interpret “Jewish” as exclusive, repressive, and antithetical to “democratic”.
  • • If 10,000+ Israeli and Diaspora voices proclaim that Judaism and democracy are complementary rather than mutually exclusive, we will give further credence to Jewish pluralism that recognizes that Torah, however differently we may interpret it, can unite Kelal Yisrael rather than divide it.
  • • 10,000+ signatures would make it a document with clout. That would allow us to present it as a necessary way forward to Israel’s new political leadership.
  • • With 10,000+ supporters of the Vision Statement Hiddush and Ruach Hiddush will publicize the Vision Statement in Israeli and Diaspora media. We will share it with thought leaders, NGOs, educational institutions and activists in Israel and the Diaspora in order to shape public discourse and future policy decisions.

Individuals and Organizations are Invited to Sign the Vision Statement

Both individuals and organizations, clergy and lay people, may sign the Vision Statement.

Please sign the Vision Statement yourself and reach out to your congregants, colleagues and to Jewish organizations to which you are close and encourage them to sign the Vision Statement as well.

If you would like to use the Vision Statement as a basis for an educational program, we will be glad to provide you with additional background and resource materials.

In closing, we wish to point out that the efforts of Ruach Hiddush also embrace advocacy and inclusion of Reconstructionist and Renewal Judaism whose movements do not yet have an overarching organizational infrastructure in Israel.

Help us reach our goal of Rivevot Yisrael—10,000+ signatures from World Jewry, by April 9, 2019.

With every good wish and our ברכות,
Rabbi Prof. Michael Chernick (Chair), Orthodox
Rabbi Lester Bronstein, Reconstructionist
Rabbi Pamela Frydman, Conservative/Renewal
Rabbi Elliott Kleinman, Reform
Rabbi Mark H. Levin, Reform
Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Orthodox
Rabbi Gordon Tucker, Conservative
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Reconstructionist
Rabbi Uri Regev, Hiddush


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