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The Kotel Debacle – RRFEI Executive Committee condemns in the strongest possible terms the desecration of the Kotel prayer space at Robinson’s Arch by Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, in his effort to demonstrate that there is no room for egalitarian worship at the Kotel. The Exec. Committee stands in solidarity with its Masorti and Reform colleagues in Israel gathering on Thursday June 16th for mincha in the Main Kotel Plaza. by Rabbi Pamela Frydman and Rabbi Stanley Davids
Times of Israel blogs
Regarding the Kotel Compromise – RRFEI Executive Committee Chair acknowledges all colleagues who negotiated the Western Wall agreement. The Conservative and Reform Movements are finally recognized in Israel, but we must not abandon the Modern Orthodox and Open Orthodox. We can both support the compromise and call for a solution to address their additional needs. by Rabbi Pamela Frydman
Times of Israel
Will Orthodox Israelis’ revolt against the chief rabbinate spur a domino effect? – An in-depth look at a year of shifting sands in the notorious historical status quo of religion and state in the Holy Land. Hiddush’s 2015 Israel Religion & State Index is cited multiple times in the article. by Amanda Borschel-Dan
Jewish Standard
Israeli marriages, American Jews, and Israel’s security – The Israeli Rabbinate’s ongoing derogation of American leaders’ Jewish credentials, added to anti-democratic behavior in religious areas of Israeli life, can only drive potential supporters of Israel away in the long run. This is why the Jews for Religious Equality Coalition (J-REC) will be in Israel from November 10 to 16 seeking a change in Israeli marriage law. by Rabbi Michael Chernick
Jewish Standard
Freeing the Jews – Published just before Rabbi Uri Regev brought Hiddush’s mission of reforming the Israeli chief rabbinate to a Teaneck shul. This extensive piece covers Hiddush, religious freedom, Israel-Diaspora relations, and Uri Regev’s faith in and commitment to the Jewish, democratic State of Israel. “The battle is supported by the overwhelming majority of Israelis,” says Rabbi Regev. by Larry Yudelson
Moment Magazine
The rise of the rebel rabbis – Rabbi Uri Regev writes, “The newest battle with Israel’s Chief Rabbinate over Jewish identity, in which a number of Modern Orthodox rabbis have come together to form conversion courts outside the state-approved framework, is in one sense merely the latest chapter in an ongoing saga. What’s new this time is that the rebels arise from the heart of Zionist Orthodoxy…” by Rabbi Uri Regev
Full religious equality is the Zionist dream of a reborn Judaism – Rabbi Mark H. Levin writes, “The sole pathway to success is for world Jewry to demand a Jewish state that allows full religious freedom: where every Jew who claims Judaism can marry according to his/ her beliefs. The only way forward is for Israel to recognize the rabbis of all streams, as well as civil marriage.” by Rabbi Mark H. Levin
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Sermon on Jewish Fundamentalism – Rabbi Joshua M. Aaronson speaks about a week in Israel during which participants were stabbed at a Pride Parade (one of whom died after this sermon was given) and the fire-bombing of a Palestinian home on the West Bank in which an 18-month old was killed. by Rabbi Joshua M. Aaronson
Times of Israel
Who writes the law for the Land of Israel? Supreme Court case asks – An ultra-Orthodox family excommunicated by an ultra-Orthodox religious court in the Israeli city of Elad fights back with the help of Rabbi Uri Regev, Esq., in a landmark battle for religious freedom in Israel. The opposition openly rejects the state’s authority, believing that religious law supersedes it. by Amanda Borschel-Dan
So what did we read in the news recently? – A response to Religious Services Minister Azoulay of Shas and MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler of United Torah Judaism who made hateful public proclamations against Reform Jews, as well as to President Reuven Rivlin who cancelled a bar mitzvah ceremony for boys with special needs due to the participation of a non-Orthodox rabbi by Rabbis Mark H. Levin, Pam Frydman, and Uri Regev