Advisory Council

Advisory Council Privileges and Responsibilities:

  1. Names of all Advisory Council members shall be listed on the RRFEI website. We are happy to also include a link to your website, online bio, resume or similar information. We are honored to have you serving as an RRFEI leader, and we will be honored for you to tout your affiliation with us!
  2. You are our advisor and we value your input.
    • Whenever you have feedback or questions, please be in touch.
    • If you write a column or give a sermon about religious freedom and equality in Israel, please send us the link so we can learn from you.
    • When you read our weekly newsletter, if you know of other articles that make the same point, refute a point, elaborate on a point, etc., please send us the link if you think it might be relevant to appear on our website.
  3. We ask that you please plan to attend one 90 minute conference call per year. Our annual Advisory Council call will feature a speaker on the subject of religious freedom and an opportunity for live questions and answers.