Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee Privileges and Responsibilities:

  1. Read each issue of our weekly RRFEI newsletter. You don’t have to read every piece start to finish, but familiarize yourself with what we’re covering.
  2. Write a column once in a while, giving the editor a full week’s notice of your intention to do so. If you are prolific and your schedule permits you to write on a rhythm, like once a month, once a quarter, etc., work out the schedule with the editor and coordinate topics as you are preparing to write each column.
  3. A Hiddush staff person handles layout and proofreading for the RRFEI newsletter together with our Editor-in-Chief. Members of the Editorial Committee are invited to contribute both articles and ideas for opinions or articles.
  4. If you have editorial or layout suggestions about how to handle something for the future, please let our editor know as soon as possible so s/he has time to discuss it with you and work it into the plan for future weeks. To avoid confusion, please work with our editor, and not our staff person, unless our editor asks you to send something to the staff person.