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PREAMBLE: The following statement is issued by a diverse group of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora*, all of whom greatly admire and appreciate the tremendous achievements of the State of Israel. Israel is a remarkably dynamic democracy and creative society. Since its inception, it has sought not only to provide an independent state to a People that has been deprived of sovereignty for almost 2,000 years, but also to fulfill the values expressed in its Declaration of Independence— a State rooted in the precepts of liberty, justice and peace as taught by our prophets, guaranteeing freedom and equal entitlements and responsibilities to all of its citizens.

We come together to express our commitment to work towards the fulfillment of the promise of religious freedom and equal treatment. While appreciating the efforts of Israel to provide religious freedom to all its residents, the goal of providing total religious freedom remains to be achieved. This is a critical challenge facing Israel both as a Jewish and as a democratic state. We, who are committed to Israel’s growing strength and vitality, as well as its bonds with world Jewry, hold that this challenge can no longer be left to politics alone, and we will do our utmost, in partnership between Israelis and world Jewry, to address this challenge and help make it a reality.

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As a Jewish State, Israel must foster the Jewish character of the State.

As a democratic State, Israel must grant equal rights to all of its citizens, regardless of their religious views or affiliations.

In order to achieve a Jewish and democratic state, faithful to both its Jewish heritage and to the principles of democracy, the following core principles of religious freedom and equal rights and responsibilities are essential:

  1. The State of Israel must proudly insist on its Jewish identity and maintain a Jewish character for its public life e.g. proper respect for Shabbat and holidays; Kashrut in its public institutions; teaching of Tanakh and other key texts of the Jewish religious and cultural tradition, acknowledging and celebrating the richness and diversity of Jewish tradition.
  2. The State of Israel must guarantee religious freedom and provide equal access to State services and funding to its Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.
  3. The State of Israel must grant its citizens the right to choose their own religious leadership so that they are not compelled to adhere to a State-sponsored religious establishment. The State should not grant governmental authority to “Chief Rabbis”—whether on the national or local levels. Rather, each Jewish community must be free to employ the rabbis of its choice. The State must not be an official sponsor of any one particular religious movement, but must respect freedom and equal opportunity and responsibility for all its citizens.
  4. Those who wish to adjudicate their cases before religious courts may do so on a private basis, with no governmental participation or interference. The State must not grant governmental authority or funding to religious courts.
  5. The State of Israel must provide a system for marriage and divorce that allows citizens to be married in Israel in a religious or civil ceremony as they choose. When a Jewish couple opts to be married under Haredi, Orthodox, Conservative or Reform auspices, or under civil authority, the couple will do so with the express legal stipulation that it will go to the same authority if the marriage fails and will be divorced under the aegis of that same authority.
  6. Those who wish to convert to Judaism must have the right to undergo this process with rabbis of their choice, by rabbis who are duly ordained and recognized by their respective major religious movements. These conversions must be accepted as valid proof of Jewishness by the State of Israel, even as we respect the prerogative of the different religious groups to apply their own criteria for conversion.
  7. In guaranteeing freedom and equality of opportunity for all its citizens, Israel must also ensure that all its citizens fulfill their civic responsibilities and share fairly and appropriately in military/national service, as well as the labor force, without religious, ethnic or gender discrimination.
  8. Freedom of worship for members of all faiths at their holy sites has been a long held right. In keeping with this core principle, regard for divergent practices and gender equality should be accommodated in the spirit of mutual respect and sensitivity.


Written by Rabbi Marc Angel – Director, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals
and Rabbi Uri Regev, Esq. – President of Hiddush – Freedom of Religion for Israel

* Those of us who are not citizens of Israel understand that basic decisions regarding the character of the State must ultimately be made by its citizens, but as Jews committed to a diverse Jewish community, both outside and inside of Israel, we seek to lend our support to this important endeavor.

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North America

Rabbi Marc Angel, Founder and Director, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals
Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Dean, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
Dr. Steven Bayme, National Director, Contemporary Jewish Life Dept., AJC
Dr. Mayim Bialik, American actress, neuroscientist, activist
Charles Bronfman, Co-founder, Taglit, Birthright Israel
Michael Douglas, American actor, producer, activist
Prof. Arnold Eisen, Chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary
Rabbi Prof. David Ellenson, Director, Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University
Rabbi Pamela Frydman – Chair
Rabbi Prof. Michael Chernick
Rabbi Stanley Davids,
Rabbi Mark Levin,
Rabbi Gordon Tucker,
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman
Executive Committee of Rabbis and Cantors for Religious Freedom and Equality in Israel
Michael and Susie Gelman
Stanley Gold, Chairman, Hiddush – For Religious Freedom & Equality
Rabba Sara Hurwitz, Co-Founder and President, Yeshivat Maharat
Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President, Union for Reform Judaism
Rabbi Raachel Nathan Jurovics, President, OHALAH: The Association of Rabbis/Cantors/Rabbinic Pastors for Jewish Renewal
Rabbinic Pastor David Daniel Klipper, Chair, Board of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Murray Laulicht, Esq.
Rabbi Asher Lopatin, President, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School
Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus and
Dr. Sharon Weiss Greenberg,
President and Executive Director, JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance)
Rabbi Prof. Aaron Panken z”l, President, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion
Richie Pearlstone, Former chairman, Board the Jewish Agency for Israel
Rabbi Marcia Prager, Director and Dean of Ordination Programs, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Rabbi David Saperstein, Union of Reform Judaism
Rabbi Philip Scheim and
Rabbi Julie Schonfeld,
President and Executive Vice President, the Rabbinical Assembly
Jane Sherman
Rabbi Robert Slosberg and
Gideon Aronoff,
Chairman and Executive Director, Masorti Foundation
Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento and former President, California State Senate
Rabbi David Stern and
Rabbi Steven Fox,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi Prof. Deborah Waxman, President, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and Jewish Reconstructionist Communities
Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President Emeritus, Union for Reform Judaism
Rabbi Hon. Dr. Dov Zakheim, Chairman, Jewish Religious Equality Coalition



Rabbi Dr. Michael Avraham
Eran Baruch, Executive Director, Bina
Yossi Klein Halevi, Senior fellow, Shalom Hartman institute
Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman, President, Shalom Hartman Institute
Yizhar Hess, Esq., Executive Director, the Masorti Movement in Israel
Rabbi Avital Hochstein, President, Mechon Hadar Israel
Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Esq., President & CEO, Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism
Uri Keidar, Executive Director, Israel Hofsheet
Dr. Tomer Persico, Shalom Hartman Institute, Tel Aviv University
Rabbi Uri Regev, CEO, Hiddush – For Religious Freedom & Equality
Rabbi David Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs, AJC
Prof. Amnon Rubinstein, University professor of Law, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya – IDC
Jay Ruderman, President, Ruderman Family Foundation




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Ms. Susan Marcus, Israel
Noam Sperber, Israel
Sylvia Gruber, Florida, United States
Jan Katz, NY, United States
Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Washington, United States
Alana Ballon, CA, United States
Ms. Batya Spector, MN, United States
לורה ספרבר, None, Israel
Rabbi Alan Katz, NY, United States
Erica Lending, Israel
Ms. ליבי טוביאס, Israel
מתתיהו ספרבר, Israel
Ms. Libby Tobias, Israel
Mr. Elad Lending, Choose, Israel
Hillel Tobias, Southern, Israel
Mr. Roger Lamm, California, United States
Cantor Daniel Mutlu, New York, United States
Rabbi אדגר נוף, Israel
tamar gershoni, Israel
Melinda Maidens, United States
Jeffrey Zonenshine, New Jersey, United States
Julie Bell, CA, United States
Adina Zinn, Ca, United States
Cantor Leigh Korn, CA, United States
Alan Gennis, CA, United States
Rabbi Nicki Greninger, CA, United States
Ms. Sarah Marks, CA, United States
Ms. Toby Glick, NJ, United States
Mr. Howard Lazar, United States
Rhonda Kahn, NJ, United States
Rabbi Lee Paskind, New Jersey, United States
Dr. Susan Kardos, United States
Dalya Berger, United States
Mr. Alexander Wulwick, NJ, United States
Cantor Alan Sokoloff, NJ, United States
Dr. j schwart, NJ, United States
Rabbi isaac sassoon, NY, United States
Mr. Eric Segal, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz, nj, United States
David Hendlish, NJ, United States
Malka Hendlish, New Jersey, United States
Renah Rabinowitz, New Jersey, United States
Dr. Jeffrey Rubenstein, NJ, United States
don sallinger, TX, United States
Dr. Gary Solomon, TX, United States
Dr. Richard Wasserman, TX, United States
Ms. Ellen Metz, Oregon, United States
Ms. Toni Bickart, DC, United States
Barbara Levine-Ritterman, Connecticut, United States
Rabbi Michael Stein, NY, United States
Rabbi Donald Rossoff, PA, United States
Monte Bassow, OR, United States
Rick Linsk, MN, United States
Sue Winthrop, CO, United States
Janice Goldstein, United States
Ms. Diane Z. Wolfson, Minnesota, United States
Rabbi Stuart Grant, New York, United States
Rabbi Avi Poupko, United States
Dr. samuel glaser, FL, United States
Rabbi Steven Chester, California, United States
Rabbi Yehoyada Amir, Israel
Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer, CA, United States
Prof. Carl Ehrlich, Canada
Rabbi Roberto Graetz, CA, United States
Rabbi Joshua Davidson, NY, United States
Mr. Garry Loss, United States
Cantor Richard Silverman, CT, United States
Susan Mautner, CA, United States
Rabbi Michal Shekel, ON, Canada
Mr. Arthur Loev, PA, United States
Marvini Verman, Pa, United States
Mr. Larry Loev, NA, Israel
חיים גרין, United States
הריאט Harriet גימפל Gimpel, Israel
Mr. Neil Turner Nash, United Kingdom
Dr. Yosef יוסף Gotlieb גוטליב, Israel
Ruth Ish-Horowicz, Israel
Ms. Laura Magel, United States
Prof. Tal Jarus Hakak, BC, Canada
Naomi Hessel, United States
Ms. Judith Ish-Horowicz, London, United Kingdom
Rabbi Barbara Borts, United Kingdom
Leslie Chudnoff, MN, United States
Marvin & Gladys Gimpel, NY, United States
Brian Goldman, United States
Ms. Lois Gimpel Shaukat, NY, United States
Ms. Smadar Bar-Akiva, Israel
Asher Tarmon, Israel
Dr. Sally Klein-Katz, Israel
Mr. Shyke Bornstein, Israel
Samuel Salkin, CA, United States
Rabbi David Wolpe, CA, United States
Nancy Stanton, IN, United States
Mr. Yves Apel, Ontario, Canada
Ms. Rhonda Dahan, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Lucette de Picciotto, Switzerland
Ms. Devorah Abrams Farmer, ON, Canada
Dr. Daniel Kollek, Canada
Dr. Rickey Miller, ON, Canada
Dr. David Nathan, MN, United States
Rabbi Joshua Rose, OR, United States
Stephen Gordon, California, United States
Mr. Jerome Silber, CT, United States
Mr. Scott Herckis, CT, United States
Dr. Jeni Alcakovic, United States
Ms. JoAnn Nathan, MN, United States
Mr. Stephen Levin, United States
Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker, MN, United States
Mr. Steven Kuchinsky, NJ, United States
Rabbi Craig Marantz, IL, United States
Cantor Shoshana Brown, State, United States
Ms. Barbara Bibel, CA, United States
Rabbi Lon Moskow, california, United States
Mr. Michael Conn, London, United Kingdom
Rabbi Avi Schulman, California, United States
Rabbi Howard Jaffe, MA, United States
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Mr. Russell Cohen, Gauteng, South Africa
Rabbi Steve Gutow, NY, United States
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Rabbi stanley davids, CA, United States
Mr. Steve Chaleff, NY, United States
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Rabbi Hannah Nathans, Netherlands
Rabbi Neil Schuman, NY, United States
Mr. Maurice Green, Ontario, Canada
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Rabbi Irving Greenberg, New York, United States
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Moti Dolgin, NY, United States
Rabbi Elliot Strom, PA, United States
Jonathan Minsberg, MN, United States
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Cantor Neil Newman, FL 34202, United States
Ivan M Cohen, United States
Rabbi Adam Frank, Israel
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Dr. Jay Steinberg, NY, United States
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Dr. Daniel Bronstein, ny, United States
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Ms. Jan Costa, Manchester, United Kingdom
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Rabbi Stephen Ei, CA, United States
Rabbi Chaim Schneider, CA, United States
Mr. Michael Cohen, CA, United States
Dr. Aryeh Wineman, Massachusetts, United States
Rabbi Maurice Salth, NY, United States
Rabbi Felicia Sol, NY, United States
Rabbi Joel Oseran, Italy
Rabbi Suzanne Singer, CA, United States
Rabbi Lina Zerbarini, NY, United States
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman, CA, United States
Mr. Frank Vigon, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Rabbi José Rolando Matalon, NY - New York, United States
Rabbi Abraham Havivi, United States
Mr. david davidson, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Rabbi Debra Cantor, CT, United States
Rabbi Mark Elber, MASSACHUSETTS, United States
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Rabbi Michael Kramer, Delaware, United States
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Ms. Teri-Lee Tracht, CA, United States
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Rabbi Michael Feinberg, NY, United States
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Mr. Jeremy Dable, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, London, United Kingdom
Dr. Dianne Moses, QLD, Australia
Rabbi Fabian Sborovsky, United Kingdom
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Rabbi Victor Gross, Colorado, United States
Mr. Martin Fischer, United Kingdom
Rabbi Mark Solomon, UK, United Kingdom
Rabbi Warren Elf, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild, United Kingdom
Rabbi Susan Silverman, Israel
Rabbi David Bockman, NJ, United States
Rabbi Pam Frydman, California, United States
Elaine Shizgal Cohen, NJ, United States
Rabbi Lori FormanJacobi, NJ, United States
Eric Segal, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Elliott Kleinman, United States
Rabbi Aaron Levy, ON, Canada
Rabbi חנן שלזינגר, Israel
Rabbi יאיר סילברמן, Israel
Rabbi David Kalb, NY, United States
Rabbi Dr. David Bauman, Illinois, United States
Rabbi Jonathan Woll, NJ, United States
Rabbi Ned Soltz, NJ, United States
Ms. Miriam Stern, NJ, United States
Mr. John Maggese, Ny, United States
Rabbi Steven Greenberg, MA, United States
Rabbi Daniel Geretz, NJ, United States
Dr. jeffery rabinovitz, California, United States
Linda Tochterman, California, United States
Dr. Shlomo ben Amram, PA, United States
Rabbi Paul Golomb, NY, United States
Rabbi Molly Karp, New York, United States
Rabbi Pamela Gottfried, Georgia, United States
Mr. Alan Baker, Israel
John Jones, AL, United States
Andrew Shear, California, United States
Rabbi Laura Owens, CA, United States
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Liz Alpert, United States
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Dr. Rickey Miller, ON, Canada
Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh, CA, United States
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sara davies, Southern region, Israel
Ms. Cathy Bardenstein, Israel
Dan Fendel, California, United States
Dr. Linda Gruson, Ontario, Canada
Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner, GA, United States
Dr. Cindy Dolgin, NY, United States
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Ms. Karen Willcox, Pennsylvania, United States
Deborah Leboire, Ca, United States
Cynthia Berk, CA, United States
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אייל דוד, United States
Mr. Shimon Z. Klein, Emek Hefer, Israel
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Rabbi Ron Stern, CA, United States
Dr. Edward Drasin, CA, United States
Terry Matzkin, CA, United States
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Dr. Philip Charney, CA, United States
Philio Strause, California, United States
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Cup Butter, Israel
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Ron Lezell, California, United States
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Judi Rosenzweig, NY, United States
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Frances Halperin, ON, Canada
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Donna Pencharz, Ontario, Canada
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Mr. Elja Akker, Netherlands
Elischeva elly Pieterse, The Nederland, United States
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Bnaya Avramovich, Israel
Mr. Ivan Reyes, Guayas, Ecuador
Mr. David Marshall, Georgia, United States
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Burton Lehman, New York, United States
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Emily Abrams, Ontario, Canada
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Ms. דניאלה פישר, United States
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Ms. אליה צנטקר, Israel
יעל שפיץ, Israel
עינת יורקביץ, United States
Ms. נורית הדרי, United States
Ms. Dorit Solomon, United States
Mr. יוחאי קורמן, Israel
שחר אילן, United States
Dr. Barry Alter, Florida, United States
רוני לוי, United States
מרים קמני, United States
תושיה פלד, Israel
Ms. קטי בלר, United States
הדס אלעני, Israel
Mr. יואב גבאי, Israel
Mr. לירון אלון, Israel
מוטי למסקי, United States
שרון איציק, United States
Mr. Ilia Zhezmer, Israel
Osnat Avigdori, Israel
Mr. gad modai, Israel
Mr. Arik Hendelsman Sadan, Israel
Mr. שלמה כהן, United States
Mr. צביקה ליבנה, Israel
Mr. אוריאל זיו אזנקוט, United States
Rabbi Jay Sherwood, Colorado, United States
Dr. Neil Rubin, Maryland, United States
Dr. Isidoor (Ido) Abram, ..., Netherlands
Dr. karen Steingarten, Florida, United States
Rabbi Sidney Helbraun, Illinois, United States
BARBARA LISSY, PA, United States
Valerii Lamm, Russia
Mr. Phil Richter, New York, United States
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Benjamin Samuels, Texas, United States
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Rabbi Seth Adelson, PA, United States
Prof. Arthur Werschulz, NJ, United States
Ellen Mazow, Massachusetts, United States
Mr. Mark Chazin, Esq., New Jersey, United States
Dr. Mindy Steinholz, New York, United States
Ms. Nancy Prager, Georgia, United States
Linda Rothman, CT, United States
Rabbi Benjamin Adler, NJ, United States
Alan Lavin, New York, United States
David Greenberg, New York, United States
Irwin Zleplowitz, New York, United States
David Gelfand, New York, United States
Rabbi Jonathan Blake, New York, United States
Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, New York, United States
Rabbi Charles Popky, NJ, United States
Rabbi Steven Kushner, NJ, United States
Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, CT, United States
Dr. Anita Skolnick, NJ, United States
Rhoda Ritzenberg, VA, United States
katia frid, México ciudad de Máxico, United States
Rabbi Robert Golub, NY, United States
Rabbi Randall Mark, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Michael Pont, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Jill Borodin, Wa, United States
Rabbi Jackie Redner, CA, United States
Karen Frid-Madden, CA, United States
Mr. Larry Ritter, NJ, United States
Mr. Moshe Browning, New York, United States
Mr. David Lissy, New York, United States
Rabbi Maurice Harris, Pennsylvania, United States
Rabbi Robert Summers, NY, United States
Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz, New Jersey, United States
Ms. Judith Princz, NY, United States
Rabbi Capers Funnye, Illinois, United States
Rabbi Neil Kurshan, NY, United States
Rabbi sholom stern, new york, United States
Rabbi Steven Moss, New York, United States
Rabbi Linda Henry Goodman, NY, United States
Ralph Lipper, Quebec, Canada
Rabbi Susie Heneson Moskowitz, NY, United States
Lisa Lisser, NJ, United States
Cantor Marlena Fuerstman, Israel
Dr. Robert Bagdon, NH, United States
Barbara Gray, OR, United States
Rabbi Evan Goodman, California, United States
Rabbi Laurence Groffman, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Joel Schwartzman, CO, United States
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin, Non-US, Israel
Rabbi Emily Losben, PA, United States
Rabbi Ruth Adar, CA, United States
Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, Ma, United States
Rabbi Kim Geringer, New Yoek, United States
Rabbi Riqi Kosovske, MA, United States
Rabbi Greg Kanter, South Carolina, United States
Rabbi Marc Kline, J.D., New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Martin Vesole, FL, United States
Mr. אילן גונן, Israel
David and Norma Schechner, New Jersey, United States
Mr. Robert Max, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Hannah Orden, NJ, United States
Mr. Scott Newman, NJ-New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Steven Bayar, New Jersey, United States
Dr. Edward Zinbarg, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Charles Popky, NJ, United States
Ms. Sophie Bigot-Goldblum, France, France
Rabbi David Saltzman, New Jersey, United States
Lori Klinghoffer, NJ, United States
Mr. מיכאל בוטבול, United States
barak koren, Israel
Ms. שרית כרמון, Israel
Rabbi Nico Socolovsky, California, United States
Rabbi Howard Tilman, NJ, United States
Rabbi Susan Shamash, BC, Canada
Dr. איתי גוטמן, Israel
Mr. Dror Oren, Israel
Naomi Zacsh, United States
Rabbi Bradley Artson, CA, United States
Cantor Aviva K Rosenbloom, CA, United States
Nikki Piran, Israel
Ms. נטלי גולן, Israel
Rachel Dohme, Germany
Mr. Amos Kamil, New Jersey/Israel, United States
Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky, CA, United States
Ms. מורטון רוני, Israel
Ms. מינה גומא, Israel
Mr. יהונתן בן נתן, Israel
Rakhel Singson, Manipur, India
Ruth Singer, Israel
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, NV, United States
Tomer Kadima, Israel
Ms. Ruth Gregg, Florida, United States
Mr. עמוס דורון, United States
Michael Lipkin, Israel
Jennifer Jeanmard, LA, United States
Ilana Kraus, --, Israel
Dr. Nir Atzmon, Israel
כרמלה מנדה, United States
Mr. Ron Javin, United States
Ms. Batya Amir, Israel
Ms. יוליה שר, Israel, Israel
Mr. ofer alon, Israel
Mr. Aaron Canino, Haifa, Israel
Mr. Nir Abramovich, Israel
Margret Mitchell, Ca, United States
Ms. Danit Trau, California, United States
Ms. judith fogel, Florida, United States
Alan Schwartz, New York, United States
Arthur Slepian, CA, United States
ורד טרי, United States
Prof. Cheryl Lester, KS, United States
Neldo Duyeb, Regavim, Israel
Rabbi Stephen Goodman, New York, United States
Mr. Shimon Zachary Klein, Israel
Dr. גלי תיבון, Israel
Rabbi Elliot Dorff, CA, United States
m s, California, United States
Marc Rachmuth, California, United States
Dr. Samuele Rocca, 92346, Israel
Ms. shira ben shalom, Israel
Rabbi Philip Nadel, Israel
Lenore Mass, IL, United States
Mr. Yesh Tikvah, United States
Rabbi Debbie Stiel, KS, United States
נעמי גוטליב, Israel
Lonny Baskin, Israel
Mr. Daniel Chervin, Germany, Germany
Ms. Orit Ollier, United Kingdom
Dr. חנוך שמשי, Israel
Ms. תלמה לין-ניצני, Israel, United States
Ms. Teresa Hernandez, California, United States
Mr. Dan Laor, Carmel, Israel
Mr. איגור דומרב, Israel
אסתר וינשטוק, United States
Mr. Adam Briones, United States
Ms. Benita Raphaely, Israel
rochelle rodney lando, Israel
Ms. קטיה מוגילבסקי, Israel
Andy Standard, Nc, United States
Ms. חנה גרדוש, Israel
Chrys Goodell, CA, United States
Rabbi Scott Sperling, VA, United States
Mr. אופיר מרקו, United States
Dr. Gabor Halasz, Israel
Steven Teiger, Israel
Jane Susswein, NJ, United States
Ms. Judith Usiskin, United Kingdom
כרמלה צינס, United States
Mr. איתי אנושי, Israel
Dr. Jonathan Golden, MA, United States
אביבה איש שלום, United States
Mr. תום סרור, Israel
Ms. Billie Gold, United States
Peter Merkes, Maryland, United States
Ms. מריה וירוחובסקי, Israel
Karen Sharabi, Israel
Ms. יוליה טגיל, Israel
Mr. David Bornshtein, United States
Dr. אילנה לובוצקי, Israel
Mr. יאיר קבקוביץ', Israel
Mr. רפאל עמר, Israel
Mr. noam peles, Israel
Prof. Bezalel Porten, Israel
Ms. שיא שמלה, Israel
Mr. גיל פאר, United States
Ms. Judith Hanania, Israel
Ms. רינת ריישביץ כץ, United States
Ms. שימרית כהן, United States
Rabbi Aryeh Azriel, Nebraska, United States
Dr. Elinor Dankner, MA, United States
Rabbi Audrey Korotkin, Pennsylvania, United States
Ms. Ellen Fisher, NC, United States
christi rambeck, w, United States
Ms. Judy Weleminsky, Surrey, United Kingdom
Ms. לירן הדר, Israel
Mr. Daniel B Sanders, MA, - select a state -, Israel
Mr. אור שוורץ, Israel
איתן מנור, United States
Mr. Ben Tunkel, United States
Mr. Assaf Sochonitski, Israel
Ms. נעמה .צ'ורטק, United States
גיל יוחנן, United States
Ms. שחר דוידי, Israel
חנה זלצמן, United States
כרמית שטיינשניד, Israel
Mr. זיו לוי, Israel
Mr. שי סער, Israel
Ms. Ruth Ofir, Israel
Mr. Edward Marks, FL, United States
Rabbi Donald Weber, NJ, United States
Steven Bauman, California, United States
Mr. יזהר מיכאלי, ישראל, Israel
Mr. Donald Leach, CA, United States
Robert M. Berger, Illinois, United States
Mr. Yogev Talias, United States
Cantor Evan Kent, Yerushalayim, Israel
Mr. גל בקמן, United States
Mr. אסף ישראל, Israel
Rabbi דוד לילינטל, Israel
Ms. לילי סלבין, Israel
Mr. אוריאל פליס, Israel
Ms. מיכל ינקו, Israel
Mr. אדם עאמר, Israel
יוסף יניב, United States
Mr. ארז לבנון, Israel
Ms. אולגה ליופטמן, Israel
Mr. בני מילר, Israel
Mr. ניסים כהן, Israel
Mr. חמי הרשקוביץ, ישראל, Israel
Ms. מאיה קרקובסקי, Israel
Mr. תמיר נאטור, Israel
Mr. נחום כהן, Israel
Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell, New York, United States
Dr. רונית פרצלן, United States
Ms. קאלי רוטשטיין, Israel
Mr. Yossi Boker, Israel
Ms. Marilyn Mansour, United States
Ms. Marit Avron, Israel
Mr. Tzachi Elrom, United States
Mr. Robert Hoffman, Ky., United States
Ms. JAYMIE Horowitz, WA - WASHINGTON, United States
אלינורה בן צור, ישראל, Israel
מיכל יוכלמן, Israel
Ms. נופר זיו, United States
מיכל אלול, United States
Mr. יעקב שחף, Israel
Mr. מיכאל אלצופין, United States
Mr. יעקב אשר, United States
Gabi Tal, Israel
Mr. Alex Paz, Israel
Rabbi Noga Brenner Samia, Israel
מלכה גורן, United States
Dr. רות קלדרון, Israel
Ms. חיה פרידמן, United States
Ms. Natali Eydelman, Israel
Ms. סגולה/סיגי רוזנפלד, Israel
Ms. טל אור מנשרוב, United States
Ms. פנינה שלג, United States
לוסיה ואלך, Israel
Mr. Barney Evans, Florida, United States
צבי קאהן, Israel
Zvi Bender, Naot Shikma, Israel
הדר דרורי, United States
Mr. מיכאל עזרזר, United States
Mr. אבי אלבז, Israel
Ms. Rinat Harel, Israel
צביה וייס, Israel
Mr. יהודה קונפורטס, Israel
Mr. Albert Askal, United States
Ms. שוש ערער, ישראל, Israel
אמיר רביד, Israel
Ms. שושי חן, United States
דבי תמיר, United States
Ms. אורית בנימין, Israel
Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus, IL, United States
Rabbi Jeff Foust, MA, United States
Mr. Jeffrey Harris, Michigan, United States
Mr. Alex Limpach, NY, United States
Mr. Eden Gotlieb, United States
Rabbi Francine Roston, MT, United States
Rabbi גיל נתיב, United States
חיה סטודני, Israel
רוחנה ארמוזה כהן, United States
Mr. Evgeniy Zinchenko, Haifa, Israel
Mr. דוד עוז, United States
Cantor איתן דגני, Israel
Ms. ניצה גן מור דובין, United States
Mr. Chen Yaniv, United States
Ms. רעיה בר דוד, Israel
Ms. קרן דין, United States
Mr. מכין צפריר, Israel
Ms. נחמה שאנן, Israel
Ms. סיגל שאנן, Israel
Mr. עדי שאנן, Israel
Mr. עומר פרץ, Israel
מנשה שביט, Israel
מירי כ"ץ, United States
Ms. איילת אשכנזי, United States
Mr. ארז ברקן, Israel
Mr. אדי לפיד, Israel
צבי זינגר, United States
Mr. יורם ורדיקה, United States
Noah Weiss, New York, United States
Ms. מלכה חיימוביץ, United States
Ms. יערה ליטמן, Israel
נועה סימן טוב, United States
Netta Shay zilberfarb, Israel
יקי מואב, Israel
Ms. Shiran Kidron, Israel
Ms. ליוי גוראל אפל, United States
Rabbi שמחה דניאל בורשטיין, Israel
תומר ברימברג, Israel
Mr. Manny Darabaner, Israel
אלרועי שדה, Israel
Hadas Manalo, CA, United States
אדם ברומברגר, Israel
רחלי וייסגלס, United States
אירית גל, Israel
Dr. רבקה גלובמן, United States
Kinneret Wajsberg, United States
Ms. Ronit Yunovitch, Israel
Mr. בני לודמן, Israel
Ms. שני כרמי, United States
ayelet pullicino-shalom, Israel
Ms. Beatriz Stein, Sur, United States
Mr. Omri Ulanovski, Israel
עדי קרייזלר, United States
Mr. רוברט ברק, United States
Mr. מתנאל טסה, United States
Mr. Yuval Levinger, Israel
Mr. אורי מנור, Israel
שמעון הרר, United States
Ms. רבקה פרפרקוביץ', Israel
גיתית קרומוי, United States
סימה כהן, Israel
הדר סייפן, Israel
Mr. אביב בשארי, Israel
גחעד רימון, Israel
תום צבירן, Israel
Mr. יוסי סיבוני, Israel
דניאל אלון, Israel
חוה וג'ון משקרנייאש, United States
Mr. איל צור, Israel
Ms. ורד יוליוסבורגר, United States
טל רונן, United States
Mr. יבגני לוקובניקוב, Israel
Ms. יעל שרף, United States
Ms. אושר דניאל, Israel
Dr. Dayana Michel, Israel
Ms. יעל שטאובר, United States
Mr. Nadav Gal, United States
Prof. Daquan Canterbury-Smith, Older Saxin, Albania
רונה אלה בני, United States
Mr. erez mozes, Israel
Ms. May Rotman, Israel
הדס אלעני, United States
Mr. דניאל ברלוביץ', Israel
Mr. אהוד מיכליס, Israel
Ms. ענת סלע, Israel
מאיר משה ברגמן, United States
Mr. רפאל נורמי, Israel
Mr. אלי כ"ץ, United States
Dr. אודי רענן, United States
Mr. רז ברק, Israel
Mr. אבי ליבשיץ, Israel
Ms. ורדה ברקן, United States
Ms. שרי חנש, Israel
זהבה כהן אייזיק, United States
Mr. עמיר קיפר, Israel
Mr. יניב כהן, Israel
Ms. יעל קיפר, Israel
יובל רטנר, Israel
Mr. דוד אחדות, Israel
יארה בבאי-נוי, United States
שמואל פרץ, Israel
Mr. Mike Hamel, Israel
Devorah Shoua-Haim, Israel
דרור ויינינגר, Israel
Ms. פנינה אריאב, United States
דני כהן, United States
Mr. עמית לביא, Israel
Mr. Dan Tromp, Surrey, United Kingdom
Ms. טל בר, Israel
אילנית גרטמן, Israel
Ms. דנה קלומיתי, Israel
Mr. יאיר עזרא, Israel
Mr. Ori Sivan, United States
Rabbi נאוה חפץ, Israel
לביאה אלון, Israel
ענת פרל, Israel
יורם חיימוביץ׳, Israel
נעמי שרון, Israel
אריק יפה, Israel
Irit Weisel, United States
Ms. שלהבת רמון, Israel
גיא ברכה, Israel
Ms. Gili Yoskovich, Israel
מרים שדמי, United States
Haya Kurtz, United States
Mr. שי ווינאפל, United States
אביב מוזס, United States
Raquel Bloch, United States
Mr. יצחק בן-יהוידע, United States
Ms. דניאלה אביטל, Israel
Rabbi אבי פסקל, United States
Ms. Maya Sasson, United States
Ms. Mirit Peisahov, Israel, Israel
Mr. Maor Peisahov, United States
Mr. דני גלעד, United States
Ms. Zahava Alon, Israel
הדר חרמון, Israel
Mr. Uri אורי Appenzeller אפנצלר, Israel
Ms. רעות הלוי, Israel
Ms. שלומית אשרי, United States
Mr. Nehorai Eldor, Israel
רחל וינברג, United States
Ms. קרן דביר, Israel
ליאורה קלפנר, Israel
Mr. גדי סגרון, Israel
Mr. Duncan Hales, United Kingdom
Ava Hollombe Hoover, OR, United States
Robin Flamm, United States
Dr. Alan Rosenthal, -- Choose One --, Israel
Mr. Michael Amsellem, IDF, France
Ms. Janis Hollombe, Israel
Mr. דניאל פרלמוטר, Israel
Mr. ניצן המבורג, Israel
Dr. Armando Franco, Florida, United States
Matt Blodgett, NE, United States
Mr. Steven Stein, New York, United States
Ms. Rita Rodin, New York, United States
Chaim Malks, NY, United States
Mr. Steven Schwartz, FL, United States
Mr. Robert Khedouri, NY, United States
Dr. Howard Schwartz, Arizona, United States
Mr. רז ניר, United States
Mr. Roni Rodrigue, Turkey
Phyllis Epstein, NY, United States
Viviane Bregman, FL, United States
Rabbi Saul Strosberg, TN, United States
Mr. david sommer, new york, United States
Rabbi Steve Golden, NY, United States
Henry Rieser, NY, United States
Prof. Mark Altabet, MA, United States
Mr. Bernard Gerson, Colorado, United States
Rabbi Martin Lockshin, Israel
דוד כהן, Israel
Ms. אטל רוטר כץ, United States
Ronda Angel Arking, MD, United States
Mr. Or Fekler, Israel
Mr. מוטי דסקל, Israel
מיכאל זילברמן, United States
Ms. אילי סקיף, Israel
Wojciech Wisniewski, New Jersey, United States
Dr. Laura Wharton, Israel
Ms. Marilyn Glazier, Misgav, Israel
Mr. איל גור, Israel
Mr. Dimitrios Foulias, AZ, United States
Mr. תנחום פלד, Israel
Ms. Morly Valach, Israel
Ms. גרדה פרנקל, Israel
Michele Glazer Ben, Israel
Rabbi Michael Boyden, Israel
Mr. מיכאל קלינין, Israel
Marsha Ablowitz, BC, Canada
patsy royer, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Jane S. Gabin, North Carolina, United States
Rabbi Tom Cohen, France
Mr. Kaufmann Aleksander, France
Mr. אורי בן נון, Israel
Nathalie Bravelet, France
Emma C, United States
Mr. Daniel Feinstein, Israel
Ms. Susan Romer, California, United States
Ms. Judith Selakoff, Connecticut, United States
Mr. Norman Feinstein, Sharon, Israel
R David Frum, Wa, United States
Mr. מוני כהן, Israel
Mr. Scott Jaffe, NY, United States
Mr. Maor Furman, Israel
Frederick Nervo, CA, United States
Jennifer Zinman, NJ, United States
Ms. Dorothee Driessen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Cantor Jacqueline Rawiszer, IL, United States
Rabbi Jason Gwasdoff, California, United States
Cantor Daniel Singer, NY, United States
Ms. Racheli Wolfson, מרכז הארץ, Israel
Mr. Jose Ovadiah Navarro, Mexico City, Mexico
Ms. עוזית דגן, Israel
Dr. מיכאל ליבני, Israel
Mr. אלי אורגד, Israel
Rabbi יוסי זיידמן, Israel
Mr. יוסי זיידמן, Israel
Rabbi תמיר ניר, Israel
Mr. חזי ביליק, Israel
Ms. Anna Aleksandrowicz, Israel
Mr. דני דניאלי, Israel
Mr. ישעיהו שוסטר, Israel
Ms. Rachel Greenspahn, Israel
Ms. Elaine Moise, CA, United States
Dr. Marina Gottlieb, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ms. Judith Katzin, Israel
Mr. George Sukhashvili, United States
Prof. Joe Lockard, AZ, United States
Mr. אור בר נתן, Israel
Mr. שי קטן, Israel
Rhoda Konigsberg, OH, United States
Rabbi Richard Steinberg, California, United States
Elizabeth Rosen, ME, United States
Dr. David Greenfield, C, United States
Angeni Marque, Utah, United States
Ms. Suzanne Levin, MI, United States
Ian Sternberg, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Ira Moskowitz, Israel
Ms. Judy Roitman, KS, United States
Dr. Jane Mushabac, NY, United States
Ms. Shoshana Michael Zucker, None, Israel
Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild, United Kingdom
Ms. Elizabeth Kirshner, IL, Israel
Mr. אילן ספקטור, United States
Ira Litkofsky, New York, United States
Dr. Elizabeth Appelbaum, KS, United States
Mr. אברהם ממן, Israel
Avidan Rojas, RI, United States
Ms. Julie Ginzberg Ravinger, Israel, Israel
Mr. רוני רחמני, Israel
Mr. Mitchell Krasnopoler, Kansas, United States
Brian Landsberg, CA, United States
Nadine Dwork, CA, United States
Rabbi Barbara Symons, PA, United States
Dr. Joe Levy, Israel
Mr. Herbert Shukiar, California, United States
Ms. Isabella Fraenkel Glaser-Bennaim, NY, United States
Rabbi David Shneyer, MD, United States
‫נאור קפלן‬‎, United States
Robert Bynder, United States
Dr. דניאל זיסקינד, Israel
Janis Iceland, California, United States
מיכל צור, United States
Dr. Hadar Milloh-Raz, United States
Mr. Jay Sabin, New Jersey, United States
Yosef Lopez, Arizona, United States
Allen Mayer, Ca, United States
Gloria Pitler, KS, United States
Dr. Howard Pitler, Kansas, United States
John Shuchart, KS, United States
Arthur Heyman, Georgia, United States
STUART M. FISCHMAN, N.Y., United States
Alan Oslick, Yucatán, Mexico
Mr. מיכאל ברוש, United States
Rabbi David Ellis, NS, Canada
Rabbi Jennifer Gorman, Ontario, Canada
Rabbi Amy L. Memis-Foler, IL, United States
Ms. Stephanie Shuchart, KS, United States
Mr. Henry Katz, United States
Moises Paz, TN, United States
Jane Lawless, Kansas, United States
Michael Haruni, Israel
Rabbi Alan Litwak, Florida, United States
Ms. Francine Kuhn, KS, United States
Milton Katz, Kansas, United States
Mr. David Zucker, Kansas, United States
Terry Pullan, CA, United States
Laura Bolter, Kansas, United States
Mr. Boyd Bolter, KS, United States
Rabbi Lev Herrnson, NY, United States
Bitsy Sader, KS, United States
Dr. Sandra Greenfeld, United States
Rabbi David Ostrich, Pennsylvania, United States
Ms. Sarah Reines, California, United States
Ms. Henri Goettel, Missouri, United States
Rabbi Andrew Straus, California, United States
Rabbi harold caminker, FL, United States
Rabbi Esther Adler, Minnesota, United States
Rabbi Shelley Kovar Becker, NY, United States
Emma Enochs, Kansas, United States
Ms. Ellen Taylor, Kansas, United States
June Crane, KS, United States
Fred Pressman, NJ, United States
Mr. Charles Cooper, Kansas, United States
Rabbi Stephen Wise, Ontario, Canada
Sheila Leiss, Maryland, United States
Mr. Zane Womack, Kansas, United States
Shari Womack, Kansas, United States
Nina Shik, KS, United States
Ms. Audrey Myers, Kansas, United States
Ms. Genna Stowe, KS, United States
Rabbi Howard Laibson, CA, United States
Rabbi Yochanan Hammond, Victoria, Australia
Jonathan Gale, United States
Ms. Alisa Kartch, KS, United States
Sharon Katz, KS, United States
Rabbi Josh Goldstein, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Ira Korinow, Massachusetts, United States
Rabbi Ariel Walsh, Maryland, United States
Deborah Nof, Israel
אירנה שטלמן קרביץ, United States
Philip m Posner, Calif, United States
Dr. Tibor Engel, Colorado, United States
Stephen Fuchs, Florida, United States
Rabbi Aaron Levy, ON, Canada
Rabbi Charles Kroloff, NJ, United States
Michael Laufer, New York, United States
Rabbi Shoshanah Devorah, Israel
Ms. Raquel Holder, Israel
Naomi Gottlieb, Israel
zsuzsi Schildler, Israel
Rabbi Devin Maimon Villarreal, CA, United States
Rachel Nwosu, Israel
גלינה טרטייקוב, Israel
Scott Shay, NY, United States
Alisa Samber, Maryland, United States
Aileen Silver, NY, United States
Rabbi Sally Priesand, New Jersey, United States
Ms. Miriam Nathan, United States
Rabbi Richard Hammerman, NJ, United States
David Brand, New York, United States
Mary Freeman, ARKANSAS, United States
רציה הלוי, Israel
Mr. Avi Hoffman, FL, United States
Mr. JR Rich, New York, United States
Mr. עידו אברמסון, Israel
Mr. Steven Fleischer, NY, United States
Mr. omri cohen, --- אנא בחר ---, Israel
יוסי חמילבסקי, United States
Ms. דנה גינזברג, Israel
Ziona Silverman, New Jersey, United States
Dr. Nancy Rosenfeld, Israel
Rabbi David Wolf Silverman, New Jersey, United States
Mr. גדי שיפרין, Israel
Vivian Singer, Ohio, United States
Paul Hartley, Mn, United States
Emily Blanck, California, United States
Rabbi Alan Lettofsky, Ohio, United States
Rabbi David Zisenwine, Israel
Prof. Benjamin Ravid, 02459, United States
David Nadler, Ontario, Canada
Victoire Morgunovsky, Israel
Ronald Crane, New York, United States
Ms. Hadas Ben Porat, Israel, Israel
Shari Abraham, Israel
Amanda Lowe, TX, United States
Ms. naomie maurel, western galile, Israel
Ammihud Simon, Israel
Mr. Adrian Vonier, Germany
Dr. Ronald Eisenberg, MA, United States
Mr. דיולה צ'קברי, Israel
Karen Gordon-lakin, Israel
לאשה שמשוני, Israel
תמרה קארין דעוס, Israel
Rabbi Alan Yuter, Israel, Israel
נופר ליבנה, United States
תכלת אשכר, Israel
ליאון אלקיס, United States
Ms. מור איילה זלינגר, Israel
Prof. Jonathan Price, Israel
אתי אגמי, United States
Mr. אלכס גלינסקי, United States
Ephraim Zimand, Israel
Ever Durán, El Salvador
Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld, NM, United States
zina schiff, MA, United States
Alan Belsky, NY, United States
Rabbi Gabriel Kretzmer-Seed, NY, United States
Rabbi Daniel Askenazi, Atlántico, Colombia
Mr. DAVID TVER, OR, United States
Rabbi Mark Finkel, New Jersey, United States
Lawrence Berger, New Jersey, United States
Dr. Geoff Short, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Mr. David Eisikovits, New York, United States
Dr. Ronald Platzer, new york, United States
Mr. Nativ Winiarsky, New York, United States
Rabbi Rabbi Dr Adele Plotkin, AZ, United States
Mr. Jeffrey Jaye, NJ, United States
Dr. Isabelle Medina Sandoval, New Mexico, United States
Angelo Abdela, NEW YORK, United States
Dr. Dan Arking, MD, United States
Rabbi Monica Kleinman, Kansas, United States
Prof. Menachem Kellner, Israel
Rabbi Yoni Regev, CA, United States
Rabbi Javier Cattapan, Kansas, United States
Dr. Ariel Picard, Israel
Rabbi Jessica Graf, CA, United States
Rabbi Marvin Goodman, CA, United States
Rabbi mel Gottlieb, CA, United States
Rabbi Joshua Weinberg, NY, United States
Rabbi Mark Cooper, NJ, United States
Tom Pressman, WV, United States
Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, CT, United States
Rabbi Daniel Silverstein, Israel
Rabbi Loren Sykes, Israel
Marilyn Rivkin Crossley, Ohio, United States
Rabbi Victor Urecki, West Virginia, United States
Dina Najman, New York, United States
Rabbi Daniel Horwitz, TX, United States
Mr. Sean Ward, CA, United States
Larry Friedman, CA., United States
Rabbi Eugene Korn, Israel, Israel
Mr. Howard Wohl, NY, United States
Rabbi Mona Alfi, CA, United States
Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, United States
Jennifer Kaufman, CA, United States
Mr. Jon Parritz, MN, United States
Rabbi David Meyer, MA, United States
David Drot, United States
Mr. Raanan Caspi, Israel
ערן אפלבאום, United States
נגה מליניאק, United States
Mr. Victor Oscal, Guatemala, Guatemala
Rabbi Leana Moritt, NY, NJ, United States
Rabbi Robert Orkand, MA, United States
Rabbi Laura Schwartz Harari, CA, United States
Rabbi Ahud Sela, CA, United States
Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, NJ, United States
Rabbi Peter Kasdan, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Neal Gold, MA, United States
Rabbi Simcha Daniel Burstyn, HaDarom, Israel
Rabbi Lee Diamond, Israel
Rabbi Eliezer Havivi, Pennsylvania, United States
Rabbi Jonathan Berkun, FL, United States
Rabbi Meir Feldman, NY, United States
Rabbi Deborah Zecher, MA, United States
Dr. Steven Jacobs, AL, United States
Rabbi Aaron Potek, DC, United States
Mr. דוד מרדר, Israel
Rabbi Michael Weinberg, IL, United States
Mr. Mark S. Anshan, Ontario, Canada
Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, AZ, United States
William Lipsey, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Julie Danan, NY, United States
Ms. Jessica Mehlman, NJ, United States
Rabbi Eliot Baskin, CO, United States
Rabbi Carl Perkins, MA, United States
Rabbi Debbie Israel, California, United States
Rabbi Andrew Ettin, NC, United States
Paula Saginaw, NJ, United States
Mr. David Leit, New Jersey, United States
Rabbi Shimon Maslin, Pennsylvania, United States
Rabbi Donald Berlin, MD, United States
Rabbi Charles P Rabinowitz, New York, United States
Ms. Hila Tsahi, Israel
Rabbi David Krishef, MI, United States
Rabbi Matthew Futterman, NY, United States
Mr. Amir Shacham, Israel
Rabbi Morris Allen, MN, United States
Rabbi Dov Elkins, Israel, Israel
Rabbi David Levin, PA, United States
Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, MA, United States

8 Signatures To Date

East Brunswick Jewish Center, United States – Congregation
Beth sholom, Teaneck, New Jersey, United States – Congregation
Safer HaBtit, Israel, Israel – Tikkun Olam
B’nai Tikvoh-Sholom, CT, United States – Congregation
Women of Reform Judaism, New York, United States – Charitable Organization
Antelope Roseville Jewish Congregation, CA, United States – Congregation
BETH SHALOM MILANO, MILANO, Italy – Congregation
Moetzah of Australian, New Zeeland and Asian Rabbis, Austrailia, Asia and Ndew Zeeland, Australia – Other


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