The purpose of this Resource section is to provide access to key resources on cutting edge issues regarding the challenges of religion and state in Israel.

The topics covered are the ones raised in our RRFEI-Hiddush vision statement and a few other pressing issues of the day.

If you come across relevant articles, op eds, scholarly papers; audios, videos, etc. in Hebrew and/or English that you think may be helpful to our members or our wider readership, please let us know so we can look them over.

Vision of Hiddush and Rabbis for Religious Freedom
Hiddush resources
Courts – religious & secular
Death and burial – ancient and now
Diaspora-Israel relations
Diversity and inclusivity among Jews
Diversity and inclusivity in relations with non-Jews
Economic opportunity
Israel Defense Forces
Marriage & Divorce
Shabbat transportation for poor & infirm
Western Wall

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