The purpose of this Resource page is to provide access to key resources on conversion, and related challenges of religion and state in Israel.

If you come across relevant articles, op eds, scholarly papers; audios, videos, etc. in Hebrew and/or English that you think may be helpful to our members or our wider readership, please let us know so we can look them over.

[button href=”” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Supreme Court ruling on mikvaot, 2016[/button] – The Masorti/Conservative and Reform Movements have been fighting for the right to use Israel’s publicly funded and operated Mikva’ot for the purpose of conversion for over ten years. Click this button for the Supreme Court’s 2016 ruling, as well as for Rabbi Uri Regev’s analysis of it.

[button href=”” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Giyur K’halacha, Summer 2015[/button] – Giyur K’Halacha is a newly established network of independent rabbinical courts that is adjudicating conversions of qualifying individuals in accordance with Orthodox Jewish law. The project was formally launched by a group of Modern Orthodox activist organizations in August 2015. Click this button for media resources (English and Hebrew) related to its launch.