IDF ruling on non-religious burial

Hiddush takes legal action against burial society’s illegal practice to bury immigrants “behind the fence”

Hiddush, representing a family of olim from the former Soviet Union, as well as MK Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union), has turned to the Ministry of Religious Services and the Attorney General for the immediate cessation of an illegal practice at the greater Tel Aviv area cemetery (and possibly other cemeteries). Contemptibly, the cemetery has created a separate burial plot for new immigrants, whether they are halakhically Jewish or not, unilaterally and without consent from the families of the deceased.

This follows on Hiddush’s previous initiative to ensure the respectable and equal burial of military casualties whose families immigrated from the former Soviet Union and who may not be considered halakhically Jewish, as they are of patrilineal Jewish descent. (this was also covered by Ynet)