Diaspora-Israel relations

The purpose of this Resource page is to provide access to key resources on Diaspora-Israel relations, and related challenges of religion and state in Israel.

If you come across relevant articles, op eds, scholarly papers; audios, videos, etc. in Hebrew and/or English that you think may be helpful to our members or our wider readership, please let us know so we can look them over.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/A-worthy-tribe-Yizhar-Hess.pdf” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Article: ‘A Worthy Tribe’ by Yizhar Hess[/button] Jerusalem Post, June 2016, American Jewry (half the Jewish population of the world) has for years been subject to neglect and even scorn.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/content/ajc-j-rec-mission-to-israel-winter-2015/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]AJC J-REC Mission to Israel, Winter 2015[/button] The Jewish Religious Equality Coalition (J-REC) aims to demystify J-REC and enhance understanding of what it is trying to accomplish. Towards this end, please follow the link to learn more and get involved.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/content/chief-rabbi-lau-slams-minister-bennett-winter-2015/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Chief Rabbi Lau v. Bennett on visiting non-Orthodox schools in Diaspora[/button] In Dec., 2015 Chief Rabbi Lau discussed Minister of Education and Diaspora Affairs Bennett’s trip to the USA. Rabbi Lau stated that Minister Bennett should have consulted with a rabbi before visiting a Conservative Jewish day school, which distances Jews from Judaism.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/content/jfna-irep-initiative-approved-summer-2014/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]JFNA iRep initiative approved, Summer 2014[/button] The Jewish Federations of North America launched an effort that supports groups in Israel working to limit or end the Chief Rabbinate’s monopolistic control of personal-status issues such as marriage, divorce, conversion and burial.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/content/jppi-jewish-and-democratic-perspectives-from-world-jewry-2014/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]JPPI – Jewish and Democratic: Perspectives from World Jewry, 2014[/button] This Jewish People Policy Institute special report brings Diaspora input on the character of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state into an important initiative of Israel’s Ministry of Justice. The goal is to consider legislation on Israel’s Jewish and democratic nature at a time when different ideological groups within Israel hold conflicting views of how these components should be prioritized.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/western-wall/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Western Wall (Kotel) Agreement[/button] Click here for sources related to the Western Wall agreement between the Israeli government, the Women of the Wall, and the non-Orthodox denominations.

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