Diversity and inclusivity in relations with non-Jews

The purpose of this Resource page is to provide access to key resources on diversity and inclusivity in relations with non-Jews, and related challenges of religion and state in Israel.

If you come across relevant articles, op eds, scholarly papers; audios, videos, etc. in Hebrew and/or English that you think may be helpful to our members or our wider readership, please let us know so we can look them over.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/content/import-ban-on-non-kosher-meat-under-fire-summer-2016/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Import Ban on Non-Kosher Meat under fire, Summer 2016[/button] – A lawsuit seeks to overturn or allow exceptions to Israel’s law requiring all imported meat to be certified as kosher. The import ban effectively forces Muslim and Christian Israelis to buy kosher meat, which is more expensive than non-kosher meat.
[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/content/kashrut-regulations-for-hotels-spring-2015/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Kashrut Regulations for Hotels, Spring 2015[/button] – A Revolution in the Chief Rabbinate’s Kashrut Regulations, following Hiddush’s Battle! The Chief Rabbinate updated its kashrut regulations for hotels to be in accordance with Israeli law.
[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/content/acts-of-violence-summer-2015/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Violent acts, Summer 2015[/button] – In 2015, a young woman was murdered at the Jerusalem Pride Parade, and a Palestinian family’s home was firebombed, killing three of the family members. Click here for responses to these acts of religious violence.