Western Wall

The purpose of this Resource page is to provide access to key resources on the Western Wall, and related challenges of religion and state in Israel.

If you come across relevant articles, op eds, scholarly papers; audios, videos, etc. in Hebrew and/or English that you think may be helpful to our members or our wider readership, please let us know so we can look them over.

[button href=”http://rrfei.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Rosh-Hodesh-Haredi-Riot-_-Peter-Buchsbaum-_-The-Blogs.pdf” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Article: ‘Rosh Hodesh Haredi Riot'[/button] – By the Honorable Peter Buchsbaum: “March 8, 2019. The Thirtieth Anniversary of Women of the Wall. International Women’s Day. The protest against women’s prayer by the Haredim took a serious turn when they rioted against their fellow Jews.”
[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/western-wall/august-31-2017-supreme-court-instructs-state-reconsider-freeze-western-wall-agreement/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Articles on Supreme Court ordering State to reconsider the “Freeze”[/button] – In the decision handed down by the Supreme Court on August 31, 2017, the State of Israel was told it must “inform the court by September 14, 2017 whether it is willing to reconsider the implementation of the Western Wall framework decision, which was ‘frozen’ in a government decision on June 25, 2017.”
[button href=”http://rrfei.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Jewish-Women-vs.pdf” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Article: ‘Jewish women v. Jewish state'[/button] – New York Times, July 2017, Lesley Sachs (Director of Women of the Wall) was arrested for wearing a prayer shawl at the Western Wall
[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/western-wall/western-wall-prayer-protest-summer-2016/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Prayer protest, Summer 2016[/button] – Jerusalem’s Sephardic chief rabbi conducted an Orthodox prayer service at the mixed-gender plaza at the Western Wall, a site designated for Reform and Conservative worship. Rabbi Shomo Amar had a barrier to separate men and women erected before praying at the site.
[button href=”http://rrfei.org/resources/western-wall/western-wall-compromise-multiple-views/” target=”” css_classes=”e.g. button_hilite button_pale sm_button”]Western Wall compromise, responses[/button] – Click here for resources pertaining to the 2016 Western Wall compromise between the Israeli government, the Reform and Conservative movements, and the Women of the Wall.